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TOEFL ITP, Institutional Testing Program, is the one you should leave behind if you’re aiming to study abroad.This exam is only suitable to those who want to measure their English level for personal reasons or within an academic context - to boost a job application or even to asseess the effectiveness of an English language course.Of course, there are exceptions: some national exchange programs may accept both TOEFL iBT and ITP for certain cases. Also, some institutions based in countries where English is not the official language actually welcome all kinds of TOEFL.

However, note that accepting TOEFL ITP during the admission process is not a very common practice among international institutions, especially in English speaking countries.ITP’s questions and content are very similar to what you would find in a college exam. Assessments are made in oral and reading comprehension, plus structure and written expression. Therefore, this is a good option for those who struggle with their speaking skills, since that part is not analysed. Depending on the exam level you take, the scores may vary: 200-500 is the range for the begginer/intermediate level scale and 310-677 correspond to an intermediate/advanced level scale.

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